Mobile SEO Tips to Improve Your Rankings

Mobile Seo

Search engine optimization(SEO) helps you to optimize your website so that it becomes visible to most of the audience and drives good web traffic.

It is more about increasing the visibility of your content in the search results whenever anybody tries to search for something relevant to it.

Mobile SEO is a similar concept, but it is more about optimizing your website/content in a way that it can be flawlessly accessed on mobile phones.

As mobile phones have become the most used devices, mobile SEO is entering the digital world. The concept is new to a lot of people out there. If you are also not well-versed with mobile SEO, you can seek help from an SEO company in Delhi.

Improve Your Rankings With These SEO Tips 

People using mobile phones for almost everything has given rise to the concept of mobile search engine optimization (SEO). This feature is aimed at making sure that the audience that views or opens your website on their phone does not face any issues.

There are many websites that are still not designed for access on mobile phones or tablets due to the difference in screen size which is why Mobile SEO came into being. Before the outbreak of mobile phones, websites were mostly designed for search engines.

Almost 64% of the web traffic on any website on Google comes from mobile phones, that is why mobile optimization is necessary. 

Everybody wants their website to be on the top of search results which can only be done by improving the ranking of your website. Some tips to do so are:

  1. Improving Your Site Speed

The loading time of your site on a mobile phone is the most concerning factor that affects the ranking of your website. Google PageSpeed Insights helps you to know the speed or load time of your site. 

If you do not know how to improve the load time of your website then you can consult an SEO company in Delhi.

  1. Incorporate Responsive Design

Responsive design makes sure that your website can adapt to any screen on which it is accessed. It helps in making your website mobile-friendly. 

It makes accessing your website on any device easier for your audience and this is what will help you increase your ranking.

  1. Emphasis On User Experience

User experience is directly linked to responsive design as a positive user experience comes from the responsive design of your website. 

You can also add other elements to your website that help you in getting a good user experience and improving your rankings.

  1. Incorporate Thumb-Friendly Design

If we talk about mobile-friendly websites then the most important factor is the use of the thumb for scrolling. Your website must be designed in such a way that the user is able to easily scroll through it. 

This is what will help you to get a positive user experience and ultimately get to the top of the search results.

  1. Use CTAs

CTAs ( Call to action ) will help your audience engage more in your website and using powerful CTAs is what will help you increase your ranking.


Thus, using CTAs, improving the speed of your website, putting emphasis on user experience, and incorporating responsive design help you to improve the SEO ranking of your website. There are many SEO companies in Delhi or in the areas near you which can help you in implementing these tips and techniques to attain a higher rank.

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