What Is Meta Description?

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A meta description is an HTML tag you set for a website page or post describing your web page in a meta description. A meta description tag of the page is shown as a part of the search snippet in a search engine result page. Therefore it gives visitors or the audience an idea of the page’s content and how it is connected to the search query of the audience or user.

How To Write A Good Meta Description?

You need to keep the following things in mind to write a good meta description:

1. Keep It Up To 155 Characters

Try to write the content between 155 characters. Before writing the meta description, always keep in mind there is no fixed word count, but it depends upon the information that you want to deliver.

You should convey your message clearly and keep it short and Snappy. Whenever you check some search results on Google, you will see most of the snippets are between these characters only. Keeping your copy to 155 characters is a safe benchmark to follow.

2. Use Action-Oriented Language

It is advised to start your meta description with verbs like learn and discover and then include post specifics. The invitation to your page must sound attractive to the user so that they can get the motivation to visit your page. Make sure that your description is attractive and that people receive what they expect from your page.

3. Provide A Solution Or Benefit

You should write a short sentence letting searchers know what they can expect from your post and why it’s worth their time. At the same time, try to show specifications wherever possible. If you will show specifications to the visitor then it is more likely that your product will no longer take more time to convince them. Try to be as relevant as possible.

4. Don’t Deceive Researchers

The searcher will quickly abandon your page if your meta description is stuffed with irrelevant keywords and false information. Therefore use the right keyword that matches your text and content in the meta description. If you keep using different keywords with different text to drive traffic to your site, that will not be successful in the long term.

5. Make It Specific And Relevant

Most searchers will skim right past a generic description. So make yours stand out by using descriptive words and avoiding fluffy language. Google will find out if you use the meta description to trick visitors into clicking your result and will penalize you for it. You should not use such deceiving methods that can break the trust of a company. That is why you need to match the content of the page with the meta description.


A content writer agency can help you to write a compelling and convincing meta description for your web page therefore driving traffic to your website. You can even contact the best content writer in Delhi if you want a good meta description for your company website.

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