What is the Most Commonly Used Type of Digital Marketing?

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In today’s era where everything is going online, it is very important to leave your mark in cyberspace. 

Digital marketing is one such method of getting your business to grow so that the results are fruitful in ways that matter aka financially and exponentially. 

Most Common Types of Digital Marketing

Here are the most commonly used types of digital marketing that you can use for your brand. 

1. Pay-per-click (PPC)

You must have noticed that when you search for something on Google, the first three links or so are ads. This is when brands pay search engines to show their brand on top for all possible search terms that are related to their brand. 

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you have been recently venturing into the field of digital marketing, you must have heard about SEOs quite often. This refers to optimizing your content, usually the content in such a way that you reach your target audience. This involves using plausible search terms in your content so that search engines such as Google can direct you to your website as easily as possible. 

For example, if you are writing about racing cars, you would like to include terms such as F1, McLaren, Ferrari, and some other relevant terms so that anyone who uses these words in any combination gets sent to your website. 

It should be remembered that these keywords should be strategically placed and should make sense, instead of just being thrown together. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool that when used properly, can help expand your business and name in the right directions.

Creating a brand image on social media platforms, delivering direct content and promises to the consumers, and staying on top of your brand’s image – all of these come under social media marketing.

You need to work a little hard when it comes to Social Media Marketing because just creating a buzz is not enough, you need to redirect all the traffic to your business as well.

While the above-mentioned methods are the most common ones, here are a few more methods that people use in order to get their brand to gain more traction – 

  • Influencer Marketing – It is when people rely on other people who have a big platform on social media sites to promote their content.
  • Email Marketing – This is useful in the corporate world or any other field where emails are regularly being checked by the target audience. 
  • Mobile Marketing – With everyone having a phone these days, it is very easy to reach a wide audience within a limited timeframe with mobile marketing.

How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Tool For Yourself?

If you are trying to find out what method will be the most effective, try to figure out what our brand is about, and what social media will have the most target audience for you. Apart from that, it is also feasible to hire a digital marketing team who can guide you and help make your brand successful and evolve it into something big.

The Digital Serve

The Digital Serve

The Digital Serve is the perfect way to get your business online. We are a full-service top digital marketing agency, and we can help you create a website that is both appealing and effective.



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