Why Infographics are an Integral part of SEO

young boy working on infographic design

Infographics come from two words that are info which means information, and graphics: pictorial graphics, charts, images, etc. 

Adding infographics is an essential factor if you want to increase the traffic, leads, and ranking of your website in the Google search engine. Are you uncertain about the significance of infographics? Let us understand how infographics play an integral part in SEO.

Benefits Of Using Infographics

1. Increases Traffic

When you use infographics with your content, readers are most likely to visit your website or read your content. Pictures near paragraphs always make reading interesting. 

The audience will grow a keen interest in looking further into the chart or images to understand the topic better. It creates depth and intrigues readers to continue further.

2. Improves Ranking In Search Engine

When you follow the repetitive format of writing long paragraphs for your content, it does not come on the priority list of Google. In other words, it will not have a high value to be on the first page when a user searches a keyword on the search engine.

As you add infographics to your content, it creates value, and Google adds it up to its search engine priority list.

3. Decrease In Bounce Rate

When you add pictures, graphs, and flowcharts to your content, it makes it interesting and lively to read.

For instance, when children read books, they are more interested in pictures. The same applies here. This mainly decreases the bounce rate on your website. Infographic makes your content engaging to the viewers or readers.

4. Greater Insights

As we mentioned earlier, adding charts, graphs and images increases the depth of the content. Therefore, when you add additional images and infographics, the visitors can get a greater insight and can reinforce. A point that you need to keep in mind is that always add infographics relevant to your content. 

If you are interested in adding infographics to your content, you can download the app ”canvas,” where you will get an abundance of flowcharts, graph formats, and many more.

5. Infographics Help In Branding

You can add your email address, contact details, and company logo to your infographics to enhance the branding of your company and content and to also increase brand awareness.

6. Infographics Save The Time Of Readers

Adding infographics helps readers and viewers to save time. Instead of reading lengthy paragraphs, they will prefer to take a quick view of the infographics to save time. 

The audience often prefers infographics for better understanding. Therefore you will also create a reputation, and when they have a doubt next time, they will visit your website.

If you are uncertain where to place your infographics in the content, feel free to contact an SEO company in Delhi.

When you are a partner with an SEO company, you will get better ideas for your project, and it will help you to produce high-quality content, which will also increase the traffic to your website.


Infographics play a vital role when it comes to increasing leads on your website and building your reputation. They create a visual stimulus that keeps the viewers attached and engaged. They also add a touch of motion to the website, which reduces its monotonicity. If you are uncertain what to do, contacting an SEO company in Delhi is the right thing.

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