Which is the best method to increase keyword ranking?

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If you have recently ventured into the field of digital marketing, and are incorporating SEO in your brand’s advertising, you must be thinking about how to work it efficiently. 

You might also be familiar with the term Keyword Ranking – an important part of SEO and the growth of any company.

What Are Keyword Rankings?

Keyword rankings refer to how your website is placed and on what level on search engine results. This depends on what words you have used in your content and how much they align with the search trends.

As you can probably make out, the rankings are based on how correctly the keywords are placed and how similar they are to what the customers are searching for.

For example, typing “yellow color nylon umbrella” will lead to those umbrellas to be shown on top that matches the search terms. These umbrellas should be yellow and made of nylon in order to be shown on top. 

Another term that you should be familiar with is SERPs. It refers to the Search Engine Result Page. So when someone says this is where your website is on the SERPs, it means the position or rank of your site on the results page when you hit search.

You will have different rankings based on different keywords on their respective SERPs. 

What Is The Best Method To Get Keyword Rankings To Work For You?

Instead of having one method that will definitely work for you, you need to work on increasing your ranking in a systematic way. Here are the points and methods you need to keep in mind – 

  1. Measure your rankings. Evaluate them and see where you stand currently. Note down what you are doing right now so that you can make changes later on. 
  2. Investigate your analytics. This will give you the following pointers and advantages – 
  • It will help you recognize which keywords work out for you
  • Give you an idea about which pages and terms you need to target for the best outcomes
  • Know about what keywords are underperforming and how to fix that
  1. Target the right keywords. This does not imply that you use all the keywords randomly. You need to place them cohesively and make sure they make sense. This will enable the users to click on your website more frequently. So the thing you should remember is – to use the right keywords rightly so.
  1. Pay attention to users and their preferences and optimize accordingly. See what links are being clicked the most, and how you can incorporate them everywhere. 

Clean up your website and make it as accessible as possible for people from all backgrounds. This way you are widening your target audience and making sure you have a bigger reach

Bigger reach will eventually convert into bigger revenues, so you need to remember this. 

Why Do Keyword Rankings Fluctuate?

Here are the reasons why your keyword rankings may fluctuate from user to user, from desktop to mobile, and on different search engines – 

  • The history of the user 
  • Targeted ads are different for everyone 
  • Algorithm updates
  • Current trends

Hence, you need to plan your next steps in advance if you want better keyword rankings.

The Digital Serve

The Digital Serve

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