Copywriter vs. Content Writer: 7 Key Differences

Copywriter vs. Content Writer: 7 Key Differences

The advancement in technology has led to the demand for copywriters and content writers for digital marketing. This demand has increased mainly due to everything becoming digital and online.

Copywriting is an old craft that existed in its traditional form before the advent of the internet and the advancement of technology. 

A copywriter’s job is to create attractive and eye-catchy copies to sell products. The main aim behind copywriting is an advertising and digital marketing.

Content writing involves writing informational content for websites, writing blogs, articles, product descriptions, press releases, SEO content, technical and non-technical content, and more. The main purpose behind content writing is to provide information. 

This blog will clarify the bleak and significant differences between the copywriter and the content writer.

Copywriter vs. Content Writer: 7 Key Differences

  1. The Copywriter Sells And The Content Writer Informs

Copywriting is mainly focused on selling the product or writing content or captions of advertisements, while content writing is meant to inform the reader about certain issues, resolve their queries, and help them to solve their problems.

  1. Copywriter Uses Emotions To Persuade The Customer

Because a copywriter has to sell the product, he/ she frames the language of the content in such a way that it emotionally impacts the reader and ultimately leads them to buy the product.

  1. Content Writers Indirectly Sell The Product On Long Term Basis

Even though the job of the content writer is not to sell but by producing the content for websites or brands, they are indirectly increasing their sales.

  1. Content Writers Are More Focussed On SEO

Content writers are well-versed with search engine optimization as the content they write for websites is used to increase and enhance web traffic. 

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  1. Copy-writers Mostly Write Short-length Content While As Content Writers Writer Long-length Content

Copywriters write copy for online and offline ads, slogans, taglines, captions, billboards, and postcards, which usually require short-length and crisp content.

While content writers write articles, blogs, press releases, podcasts, etc., which require long-length and defined content.

  1. Content Writers Work On A Long-Term Basis

Content writing is a long-term craft that requires patience and dedication and good content strategies only show their magic after a specific time.

Since the content is of longer length than copywriting, it can be much more reliable and of better quality.

  1. Content Writing Drives Web Traffic And Copywriting Drives Sales

The main aim of the content writer is to drive organic and natural web traffic to a particular website so that the number of viewers increases and the reach of content widens.

While the copywriter converts this traffic into sales as the primary purpose behind copywriting is to sell a product.


Content writers and copywriters are both different in the type of content that they write. However, the purpose of their content is the same, whether evaluated directly or indirectly. You can explore both fields by working with any content writing agency so that you yourself understand the difference between the two.

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