What are the Essential Tools for Conducting Keyword Research in SEO?

essential tools for keyword research in seo

Keywords are the terms used in high volume to search about a particular topic on the internet. Thus, these phrases are an integral part of good quality and high-performing content.

Integrating keywords in your content is essential as it helps your content rank. Since it is a part of the SEO best practices, you should not rely on randomly selected keywords for your content. 

To get the best results from your content, it is necessary to do SEO keyword research. It means that the keywords you choose should be based on valid aspects such as the volume of the keywords, target audience and many more. But how will you be able to do that?

The answer is with the help of keyword research tools. 

Fortunately, there are many SEO keyword research tools out there. These tools are essential in finding keyword research, keyword density in SEO, etc. But since there are a lot of tools for SEO keyword research, choosing the best out of them is an important task. 

But worry not, as here is the list of the best keyword research tools to make your content a high ranker. 

What is SEO keyword research?

As discussed above, Keywords are an important aspect of SEO, and so does Keyword research. 

Keyword research is the search process of the keywords that are getting used in high volume to search for your targeted product, services or anything you are looking to make you reach people. 

Simply put, this research helps you find what your customers search for when they need your product or service. 

This research is done through human intelligence and keyword research tools. Today, there are plenty of tools that help to find keywords and provide insights about them. 

Top 5 SEO Keyword Research Tools to Use in 2023

  1. Semrush

The first SEO keyword research tool in the list is Semrush. It is a well-known tool for keyword research and is widely used by even digital marketing companies. Semrush is an all-in-one tool for your keyword research. 

Features of Semrush 

  • It helps find information about any keyword, like its CPC, search volume, other variations, etc. 
  • Semrush has a feature called keyword magic tool, which helps you to find keywords that are a broad match, phrase match, or exact match. 
  • Semrush has its integration of Google Analytics and search console. It helps in the identification of keywords which are sourcing the most organic traffic to your website. 

Cons of Semrush

  • The pricing of Semrush is relatively higher than other keyword research tools. 


  • Pro – $130/month
  • Guru – $250/month
  • Business – $500/month
  1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

The list of best keyword research tools can never be completed without including Ahrefs. It is one of the best tools to help you do your keyword research in one place. If you are searching for an SEO keyword research tool that works beyond Google, Ahrefs is the best suited for you.

Features of Ahrefs 

  • Ahrefs’ keyword research is facilitated by the data from 10 search engines, including Google. So, you can make your content optimized for all the popular browsers.
  • It tells you important insights about the keywords like keyword volume, difficulty, movement and many more. 
  • It is also among the best competitor keyword analysis tools as it gives you insights about your competitors.  

Cons of Ahrefs

  • Being a feature-rich tool, it may take some time to learn using Ahrefs effectively. 


  • Lite – $99/month
  • Standard – $199/month
  • Advanced – $399/month
  • Enterprise – $999/month
  1. Google Keyword Planner

Now, let’s move to a tool that comes from the house of Google itself. The reason why it is on the list is that you can gain Google-specific data about the keywords you need.

Features of Google Keyword Planner:

  • Being a tool developed by Google, it gives you an edge over others on Google if you use insights provided by Google Keyword Planner. 
  • You can use it as an add-on SEO keyword research tool with other tools as it is a free tool that comes with a Google Ads account. 
  • It is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require you to practise or learn much about it. 

Con of Google Keyword Planner:

  • It is not a very powerful keyword research tool compared to others like Ahrefs and Semrush.


  • Comes free with the Google Ads Account.
  1. Serpstat

If you are searching for a local SEO keyword research tool, then nothing can be better than Serpstat. Along with its proficient local SEO service, it has features like a campaign manager, PPC, link building and a full-fledged keyword research setup. 

Features of Serpstat

  • Serpstat claims to use the most extensive database for the identification of the best keywords and providing insights about them.
  • It is among the top competitor keyword analysis tools as it can help you gain highly accurate information like keyword density in SEO, popularity, and use in competitive websites. 

Con of Serpstat

  • Serstat is a costly tool for individuals and even for small agencies.


  • Individual – $50/month
  • Team –  $100/month
  • Agency – $410/month
  1. AnswerThePublic

If you want keyword research to be optimized with the “people also asked” section of Google, then AnswerThePublic is the best tool to go with. It is a unique tool that visually represents all the relevant questions and phrases to your topic.

Features of AnswerThePublic

  • It gives you a list of well-researched keywords. 
  • It can also help you to add headers, title tags and meta descriptions to your content. 

Con of AnswerThePublic

  • It offers very few unpaid features as most of the useful features of AnswerThePublic are limited to paid users. 


  • Individual – $5/month
  • Pro – $49/month
  • Expert – $99/month

Final Words

Keyword research is vital to curating quality content for websites. Using random keywords in your content will not help you at all. With the tool in the above list, you can improve your keyword research and make informed decisions in your keyword selection process. 

So, to elevate your keyword research game in today’s online world, start using these keyword research tools and touch new heights.

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