10 Questions to Ask Your Content Writing Service Provider for Outstanding Content

questions to ask your content writing service provider

Hiring a content writing company is more than just searching for a company online and closing the deal with one offering the lowest prices. There are many things to consider and questions you should ask company before hiring.

From their experiences and expertise to their revision policy and pricing, everything is essential and should be looked at. But can you get all this information from them without forgetting them? Yes, with these 10 questions below, you can assure yourself a genuine Content writing company that will give outstanding content.

What is your client base?

The first question to ask your content service provider is about their client base. The answer will let you know whether the agency or service provider is well-known. But how will you know that? A genuine Content writing services provider will at least have 1-2 very well-known companies as their clients. Moreover, you can also get a hint about the quality of their work by visiting their clients’ websites or searching about the business terms related to them. 

What makes your services different from others?

This question is one of the best questions to ask a content-writing company. It is because you’ll be able to know about the company with just a single question. From their experiences to their uniqueness, they will cover everything to answer this question, giving you a test paper to test further whether whatever they mentioned was right or not. 

What are the experiences and expertise?

The content writing is spread in various types. For instance, blogs, reports, web content, social media posts, and PR content come under Content Services and are offered by Content Writing Agencies. So, it is essential to notice if the content writing company you are hiring has more expertise in the Service you want. Simply put, if you want to get your website content created, then go with a service provider who has enough experience. However, if you want various content services, you must see that the agency has expertise in all content types. 

Can you provide me with samples of previous work?

Transparency tells a lot about a content writing company. If you ask this question and they provide you with samples, then it means that they are confident about their work. Moreover, having a sample, you can test it for various important things for content to perform well. You can look at call-to-action implementation, readability, plagiarism and even AI plagiarism. These are the things that are must to look at. In addition, if they give you links to their published content or their clients’ published content, you can know a lot more about them, such as the performance and ranking of the content

What is engaging content according to you?

Now, it’s time to ask some interview-type questions. These questions become more critical when you are hiring freelancers or small-sized agencies. They should sufficiently explain the answer to this question. It will help you know what their understanding of engaging content is. 

How do you create content to get customer attention?

The sole purpose of a company’s content is to get the customer’s attention, which should result in leads and sales generation. So, it is important to ask your content writing company if it will create content that gets the customer’s attention. A genuine Content writing service provider will answer this question while keeping your brand at the center. Their response should answer how they will choose the target audience, how they will find your USP, and how they will market it through their intent. 

What are the other services they offer?

Digital services that businesses need are not restricted to Content services only. There are many other services that a business needs, such as web development, SEO, graphic designing, and many more. So, if the agency also offers all these services, it shows the agency’s versatility and experience in other services. Also, it will ensure that you do not need to search for agencies again when you need other services.

Do you offer a free trial or sample?

This question can be asked to the content writing company if you have a big project like content development for a website, social media, or blog at once. It is crucial as you can’t risk the development of all your content at once from a firm you are unaware of. So, with a free trial or sample, you can make an informed decision about their services. Moreover, if the company doesn’t offer a free trial or sample, that is very unlikely to happen; you can hire them for a small project like a few blogs. 

Do you provide revisions?

Content Writing is a service that requires the writer to understand your brand, company, industry, and market deeply. So, it may happen that the content piece that you receive from the company has some misinterpreted information about your company, product, industry, etc. So, in this case, revisions must be allowed, and they should be instant. If you sent back your piece today, then the most it takes to revise it should be one day only. 

Are their prices negotiable?

A cheaper price and a negotiable price has a lot of difference. Basically, if you are satisfied with a content writing company and have a significant project to offer them, then you should try to negotiate. However, asking if their prices are negotiable before hiring the service is essential. But even if negotiation is impossible, don’t go for cheaper, low-quality services. 

Final words

These are the questions that you should ask the content companies before hiring. Moreover, if you find the company not answering these questions professionally or trying to escape them, keeping a distance from such companies would be better. It shows the unprofessionalism and lack of transparency that is unsuitable for your company’s content needs.

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