Top 6 White Hat Techniques To Drive More Traffic Toward Your Website

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In today’s world of marketing, digital marketing has taken the lead. With the increased use of all kinds of e-commerce, the availability of your business on online platforms is important. 

Search engine optimization, social media promotion, collaborations, and pop-ups are some of the common techniques that business platforms use to promote their goods. Among these Search Engine Optimization is one of the most common and essential ones. To understand more about the services, you can consult an SEO company in Delhi

Your business available online and on social platforms in the form of websites and other handles increases and vastly establishes the brand image of your business. 

Hence, an attractive and accessible website for your business is a must. It doesn’t end with just the creation of the website. The website traffic and user analytics matter too. 

For this, the primary technique used is Search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular techniques of digital marketing, that helps drive traffic to websites, through content that contains SEO-identifying keywords, and hence ranks the website to higher positions in the Google Search result. 

Types of SEO

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1. On-page SEO

This refers to the informative content that we read on the website, and which is presented to the users. This kind of optimization involves creating content in such a way that is highly informative, neatly designed and organized, contains all the required keywords, and has additional information that attracts users.

2. Off-page SEO

This refers to the promotion of the website outside it., like backlinking with highly authoritative pages and advertising the contents of the site.

3. Technical SEO

This kind of optimization involves modification of the webpage on the backend level to improve its search engine ranking, in terms of the smooth working of the page, like the speed of the website and proper functionality. 

4. White-hat SEO

This refers to the creation of the website in a way that makes the website search optimized, through high-quality content and highly-authorized backlinks, according to the guidelines of the search engine.

5. Black hat SEO

This represents the opposite of white hat SEO. Black hat SEO involves unethical tactics, like optimizing the page against the SEO guidelines by taking advantage of the loopholes and algorithms of the search engine, to rank the website in a good position and drive more traffic towards it. 

White Hat Seo

White hate Seo refers to the technique of optimizing a web page in a manner that abides by the rules and terms of the search engine to rank the website at a higher position in the search results and hence drive more traffic towards the website. The best SEO services provider suggests using this technique to improve the website’s performance on the search engine. 

Implementing White Hat SEO Techniques in Designing a Website Involves,

  • Creating highly-informative content for the website
  • Adding SEO-identifying keywords in an organized manner
  • Designing the website in a user-friendly way to attract more users.
  • Boosting the speed and performance of the page, and ensuring the proper functionality of the website. 
  • Using highly authorized backlinks to rank the website at higher positions.

Why is White Hat SEO Important?

Billions of people use Google every day. Digital marketing is the present and future of eCommerce. Hence every visitor to your website can be a potential benefit to your business and other purposes of the website. Creating a website following the White hat SEO techniques can help rank your website at a potential position, guiding more traffic to your website and hence boosting your website performance. White SEO is highly recommended even by the best SEO company in Delhi highly recommends using White hat SEO for website safety.

Being banned from google or any other search engine could be a downfall. To add to this, there is no guarantee of the re-listing of your website after being banned, which occurs mostly through the use of Black hat SEO. Hence, using white hat SEO on your website is important to keep your website safe.

Top 6 White Hat SEO Techniques Should Follow

infographic presentation of white hat seo techniques

1. Creating Relevant Content

Content that is unique, high-quality, well-linked, and with the required keywords helps the website rank in better positions. You can create relevant content by:

  • Research the given topic and place the relevant keywords.
  • Write high quality and error-free content
  • Make sure the content is factually right
  • Insert some images to make the website look more engaging.

2. Keyword Organization

Keywords are what make the content SEO-identifiable. Hence, strategizing and placing the keywords in the right place with the right reference would help drive more traffic to the website. Google keyword planner could be a useful tool to implement this.

3. Backlinking

Backlinks are highly promotional and are directly proportional to website growth. Adding highly authoritative backlinks to your website increases website engagement and helps to drive traffic towards it.

4. Website UX

The performance of your website is a very important factor. Slow running websites and improper functioning of the website would increase bounce rates and cause negative effects on the traffic and hence negative effects on your website and business. Hence, it is important to ensure the proper functionality of the website in every aspect.

5. Accessibility

Make sure your website functions well on all kinds of platforms, including mobile and pc. The increased accessibility and ease of use of the website attract more users and helps your website to perform well.

6. Familiarizing and adapting to the SEO Guidelines

Understanding and adapting to the SEO guidelines will help you create and optimize the content of your website according to the guidelines in a safe manner, unlike the techniques of black hat SEO.

That was how White hat SEO could help your website perform better. White hat SEO, not only optimizes your website but also keeps your website safe from being banned from the search engine for invalid use.

Using the above steps, you can create unique and relevant content for your website, and using White hat SEO techniques, optimize your website with utmost safety and drive more traffic towards your website and benefit your business. 
You can hire or consult the best SEO company in Delhi to understand the SEO process more deeply.

The Digital Serve

The Digital Serve

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