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Getting your products/services sold is what you need to run or grow your business smoothly. Moreover, running an eCommerce business is about building a brand so people will start searching your website by the name. The shopify seo expert at The Digital Serve understands the site needs a boost, and different strategies shall be implemented for this boost. Undoubtedly, an eCommerce industry is evolving constantly and Shopify is known to be one of its greatest and leading innovations. The Digital Serve has a team of experienced SEO experts for Shopify sites. The team of SEO persons are specialized in bringing results for the shopify sites.

Having a shopify site will not allow you to run or grow your business. You need an effective and robust marketing strategy to generate orders. The Digital Serve is a leading and growing shopify SEO agency, working with a detailed analysis and implementation of the right strategy. Backed up with years of experience and expertise, the experts at The Digital Serve assures analysing the products/services offered by you, the audience you are targeting, and the competitors you have. Furthermore, our shopify seo experts always ensure to implement the strategy that is latest and essential for your shopify site.

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Why Do You Need Shopify SEO Services?

For a long time, Shopify has been becoming an effective eCommerce platform across the globe. Since it has easy-to-use features and functionality that helps a website owner give friendliness to their customers. However, to bring the customers on your Shopify site, you need SEO for your shopify store.

  • Shopify SEO Services Improves Rankings of your Shopify Site

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for Shopify sites are one of effective strategies to improve your organic results on the SERP. These services are well-versed in drawing potential customers on your shopify website.
  • Shopify SEO Services Optimizes Your Shopify Site For Mobile

    The world of smartphones has changed the way people use the internet. According to the studies conducted on smartphones, it was found that more than 90% of the people use their mobiles globally. Hence, it is vital to optimize your shopify site for mobile and reach the right audience.
  • Shopify SEO Services Enhances The Security

    Getting hacked and having malware issues on the site is one of the other reasons you need specialized SEO services for your shopify site. Professional Shopify SEO experts will always support you in preventing your online store of data loss and malware issues. After all, a secured store is more likely to appear on the search engines.
  • Shopify SEO Services Helps Your Measure Your Store Performance

    Timely analysis is one of things to be done to grow your business online. The SEO team of The Digital Serve will always help you monitor your Shopify site’s performance to drive sales on your site.

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  • Become A Leader of Your Industry

    The Digital Serve, a leading digital marketing company has a specialized team of Shopify SEO experts to drive sales. We understand that your site’s ultimate goal is to have orders and get your products sold. In this competitive market, you have to be very precise and productive for your customers. To bring the right audience to your shopify site, the right marketing strategy must be used. This is what we, The Digital Serve always tries to follow.
  • Experienced Shopify SEO Experts

    As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect,” and practice creates experience, and this is what you need to drive sales on your shopify site. The Digital Serve has a team of shopify SEO experts to help you drive more and more sales on your shopify site.
  • Dedicated Project Team

    We understand that your projects need a dedicated team. Therefore, we, The Digital Serve, assign dedicated individuals to work on your project as it helps us to avoid procrastination while working on your project.
  • Result-Oriented Strategies

    Running a business without an SEO effective strategy is all about delaying your growth on the search engine. Therefore, it is vital to have result-driven SEO strategies on your shopify site. The Digital Serve’s expert SEO team helps you follow the right strategy in your business.

The Shopify SEO Process We Follow

It is your right to know the process we follow while performing SEO on shopify sites. At The Digital Serve, we understand that planning is critical to successfully run a business online. For every client, the expert team of The Digital Serve follows a process that is a basic essential of your project to be started.

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  • An Introductory Goal With You

    This is the foremost step that we do follow after you choose us as your Shopify SEO Services Provider. After completing all the initial formalities like preparations for the deliverables, contract signing, etc.; you will be assigned a manager who will have an introductory call to understand your expectations. Please be open to all of your realistic expectations in the introductory call.
  • Research and Analysis

    Once the introductory call is done, your expectations will be analysed with your competitors and current status of your website. Competitor analysis is really essential as it will help us understand the time estimation your shopify needs to be ranked at the top on SERP.
  • Strategy Creation

    After having an in-depth competitor analysis and research, we will create a strategy that needs to be followed on your shopify site. Do not worry, we do not follow a strategy blindly, instead we monitor and analyse the same timely.
  • Drive Results

    Here we will reach your ultimate goal, bringing orders on your site. The Digital Serve believes in talking by the results. Undoubtedly, this will not happen overnight, but we try to use the right seo strategy on time so that your business can reach its targeted audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Shopify and BigCommerce -Which Platform is better?

A: Fortunately, both the platforms Shopify and BigCommerce have their own advantages and limitations. However, only choosing a platform and having the website developed on the platform will not bring orders. A strategic and effective digital marketing strategy needs to be implemented to bring the result you desire.

Q: Do you guys offer technical SEO included in your SEO services for Shopify?

A: Yes. The Digital Serve believes in transparency and we do not charge any hidden charges. All the parts of SEO are included in our packages of SEO services that we offer specialized for Shopify websites. Most of the technical SEO-related issues will be solved at The Digital Serve only. Our entire team is well-versed and experienced in optimizing the Shopify site.

Q: How much time will it take to rank my Shopify store on Google?

A: Estimating the exact time is quite not possible as it is dependent on several factors such as competition levels and the current situation of the website. However, we assure that you start seeing the improvements in the initial 3-4 months only, and continue growth between 9 to 12 months. To get an estimate, please reach out to us at 8448281443.

Q: Do you guarantee performances?

A:It is impossible for an SEO agency to guarantee performance. SEO is an organic process and nothing can be done against google recommendations. You can consult us to discuss your project.

Q: Do I need to do anything after getting started with my SEO services for Shopify site from The Digital Serve?

A:It depends on you how much involved and uninvolved you want to be in your project while working with us. Moreover, you can feel free once you have handed over your project to us as we will always work to give you growth. However, you will be asked to share basic information and expectations.

Q: How much do you charge for Shopify SEO Services?

A:The charges of SEO services for Shopify sites vary on the basis of a number of products, result expectations, etc. Usually, the SEO charges are charged on a monthly basis. Fill up the form on the contact us page or call directly on +91 84482821443 and let us clear all your doubts.