Blog Frequency: How Often Should I Write New Posts?

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Consistency is the key, but what is consistency in blogging? Is there a universal number that applies to all? The answer to this question has always been controversial. No matter what magical number you come up with, it is nearly impossible to say that it’s applicable to every blogger, irrespective of the niche, resources, audience, etc. 

So, the better answer is to explore the relevant factors and determine which frequency you should blog. 

Factors to find the perfect blogging frequency

The frequency of blogs majorly depends on your comfort. It means the frequency that you are comfortable with is better to go with. However, there are other factors, like experimentation, to find which days are good for you to blog based on your industry. This is also important to look at. 

  • Resources

Firstly, you should know what your resources are. It is about knowing how many blogs you can generate without compromising quality. You should look at your team’s capacity if you are a business. From your blog writing team to editors, there should be no burden on them to give more than they can. 

  • Consistency

The difference between consistency and frequency is that frequency is about finding a number of blogs to write weekly to establish a great online presence. On the other hand, consistency is what you can afford to give weekly. You may be able to match the frequency, but what else to consider for consistency is the days and times you can stick to for blog writing

  • Audience Engagement

Based on your industry, the need for new content changes. There are many industries where you should create content more often as new trends and queries come frequently. Moreover, some industries don’t require you to provide much content weekly. Also, there are some industries where you have a lot of evergreen topics, which means once covered, you don’t need your attention for a long time. 

  • Experimentation

The most important thing to know is the frequency, so experiment on various frequencies. There are many numbers that many people say are best. So you can test on those numbers, like doing blog writing three times a week, once a week, and blogging on specific days. You will probably find a frequency you can use to get better online visibility. Moreover, you can look at your competitors and their strategies to determine the frequency. 

How do you find blog frequency by purpose?

  • For SEO

If your purpose is Search Engine Optimization, then according to HubSpot, if you do blog writing and publishing more than 15 times a month, you can expect your inbound traffic to grow by 4x.

Also, if you are in industries like finance, healthcare, or Personal finance, you may need to blog more to get into the eyes of Google.

  • To build brand awareness

You should better hire a writing agency if your purpose is to build a brand. The reason is that there are some factors to consider which writing agency will better understand. Building a brand may also need you to put effort into various SEOs kike local seo and other technical terms as well, such as backlinking. Also, it helps you craft compelling narratives with a content writing agency. 

  • To establish a new blog

Let’s say you are starting a new blog, such as a digital marketing blog. In this case, there are various real-life instances where it is found that blog writing in high volume can lead to an exponential rise in organic growth. So, you can say that if you have resources and also fulfil other factors, you should do blog writing at a high volume. 

How to blog if you have already established your online presence?

If you have an established blog, then it means you probably have a frequency that you are creating your blogs. But what’s more important is to look at pieces that are still generating leads even when they are very old. It is important as, according to HubSpot’s study on their digital marketing blog, a significant part of the lead generation came from their old blogs. These are mostly evergreen topics that never lose their search volume or lose it after a very long time. So, if it’s the case with you as well, you should refresh old content that is still driving your leads and sales. 

You will have to create an old content refresh strategy where you should focus on conducting keyword research and optimizing the content with new keywords. 

So, what should be the frequency of blog writing? 

After looking at all the purposes and factors, you can find the best frequency. It can be once a week, twice or thrice, or on specific days like Wednesdays, weekends, etc., 

But whatever frequency you choose, you should know that your content is high quality. To maintain the quality of your content, you should stick to golden writing rules

What are the Golden Writing Rules?

Golden writing rules are the rules that can be applied to all content types and any blog writing format. These rules make blogs or content that is unique, relevant, and overall great for your online presence. 

  • Relevance

Your content should be relevant to the question. After conducting the keyword research, try to understand the intent of what users are searching for. 

  • Creativity

Try to be creative with what you are writing. Blog writing is about creating content that’s helpful and stands out from others. 

  • Great research

The content you are writing should be accurate, as Google’s EEAT policy focuses on accuracy a lot. So, your research should be strong and derived from strong sources. 

  • Concise

Fluff is what every experienced content writer will tell you to ignore. There should be no use of words that do not contribute to the value of the content piece. 

  • Proofread 

Lastly, once your content passes through all these stages, proofread again what you have written. Try your best to publish content with zero grammatical and factual errors. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if anyone’s telling you a magical number to follow for your blog writing frequency without any solid research and proof, it would be better to stay away from it. Misleading digital marketing companies mostly do it to attract new prospects by showing how knowledgeable they are. That’s why this blog focuses on determining the blog frequency that is just perfect for you.

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