21 Biggest SEO Trends to Look for in 2023

Seo trends

Interesting facts to know:

  • In the US alone, an average of 12 billion web searches are conducted every year
  • Backlinko research suggests that 49% of marketers believe organic traffic to be the best ROI generator
  • HTTP results are anyhow reached 96.2%

These figures are continuously on the side of an upward shift! 

In the realm of the unpredictable SEO industry, unleashing your success graph would be a tough call to make. Though once made, you will be all set to write your digital success story. 

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C or just an SEO nerd, you shouldn’t be ignoring the ever-evolving SEO trends.

Let’s begin by gaining insights into SEO.

What is SEO?

You are not alone in the digital battlefield of ranking at the top of search results! 

There are Billions of websites ready to push you away. 

So to help you out, here comes your biggest shield; SEO.

SEO is making sure that your website is optimised for search engines and is similar to making sure one is well-dressed. 

It helps you ensure that your website looks its best. It is just like you would when gearing up for a  party in order to gain more attraction, is similar so that more visitors will discover it and want to visit.

SEO also helps you ensure that your website is simple to use, has optimized and high-quality content, and is devoid of any technical difficulties. As such issues can  make it difficult for search engine crawlers to comprehend. 

Undoubtedly, SEO is the most crucial part of boosting your presence on the search engine and gaining more attraction.

Let’s learn why it is one of the crucial components of your website.

Why is SEO crucial for your website?

The practice of SEO is always evolving!

It will be challenging for your site to rank in search results if you don’t keep up with change. 

Any website must have SEO since it affects how visible your website is in search engine results. Here are a few of the main advantages of SEO:

  • Increased Visibility: By making your website search engine-friendly, you’ll enhance the likelihood that it will rank higher in search results, which will increase visibility and traffic respectively.
  • Increased Awareness of your brand: As the website shows up more frequently in search engine results, this will raise awareness of your brand and foster confidence among potential customers.
  • Improved User Experience: By making sure that the website is optimised both for visitors and search engines, SEO can assist users to locate the information they’re looking for.
  • Increased Credibility: Search engines give more credibility to websites that have been properly optimised, which raises their rankings and makes them more visible.

It is crucial to be updated about SEO advancements and any new algorithm updates. The majority of experts believe that SEO will appear substantially different from how it does today by 2023. 

You may either evolve or skip out on some significant business chances as new updates become more frequent over time. 

To make sure, you do not miss on new advancements, here are the top trends that you should be aware of.

Top SEO Trends in 2023

SEO is no shady, dusty or below-the-belt kind of industry! It’s an industry to bet on! 

Where a giant like Amazon is investing 236 million dollars in their cloud infrastructure, Google is taking every bit of its efforts to rank websites high, why are you staying behind?

Though not all can spend the Amazon budget, we can be extra conscious. 

Dive deep inside the core of SEO and be a star venture by witnessing prosperous growth! 

1. Optimization for voice search

A report by Backlinko shows that 85% of consumers think voice search is the future.

From finding the nearest taco stand to a dog spa, Siri and Alexa are here to recommend everything to us. 

Making your website voice search-ready is equivalent to making sure it is future-proof. 

Ensuring your website is accessible when individuals are searching using their voice is crucial given the growing popularity of voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

When it comes to voice search optimization, you should make sure your website has all the information that users are looking for when using voice search. This includes details like using specific keywords in the text of your pages and having a clear, unique page title.

2. Link-building techniques 

Backlinking is the credibility booster!

Backlink research shows that the most important factor is the credibility of the page that is connecting to you. 

This implies that when authoritative sources connect to you more frequently, an article or webpage will rank higher. 

As a result, you’d benefit more from a few authoritative media connecting to you than from a large number of insignificant blogs.

In SEO, link-building remains an extremely valuable tool. It ranks among the top five search ranking variables. However, its heyday has passed. 

Making it the be-all and end-all of SEO is just a big no-no today because it has a lot of intricacies.

In the heyday of link building, SEO experts would simply spam their links across arbitrary directories and it would succeed according to Core DNA, 2020. This is outdated nowadays.

There are different types of backlinks, such as no-follow, do-follow, author backlinks, contextual backlinks, image backlinks, etc. You need to focus on the one which is more credible to your site.

3. The new “E” in EEAT: first-hand knowledge of a subject

As of December 2022, Experience has been added to Google’s well-known EAT acronym (Expertise, Authority, Trust). Google will now take the author’s or creator’s experience into account when determining the quality of the material.

What does the term “experience” actually mean then? Google needs to know that a content producer has actual, hands-on expertise with the topic being discussed.

4. Mobile-friendly indexing 

Google added mobile-first index practising in the year 2020 by making a big emphasis on organisations. 

In response to the growing number of users who access the internet via their mobile devices, Google has switched to a mobile-first indexing strategy.

This indicates that the primary version utilised for indexing and optimization is currently the digital version of a website. 

Businesses must make sure that the mobile site is as functional as well as user-friendly as the desktop.

This entails speed optimization and making sure the site is adaptive and simple to use on small displays.

5. Authors authority

In 2023, Google wants to ensure that the content it ranks is created by authoritative authors. 

The increase in the ranking of auto-generated content in the SERPs is another factor contributing to Google’s emphasis on user experience.

What can you do, then, to improve your creators’ expertise and experience this year? 

It is vital to ensure that your content is being created by subject specialists only. 

Improve your readers’ experience in different ways:

  • Include author biographies to more effectively and completely convey the qualifications and experience of your content creators.
  • Create author pages and connect to all of the posts created by the writer on your website from there.
  • Connect the social media profiles of your authors so that Google may more readily determine through social cues that they are actual individuals and actual professionals.

6. Analytical thinking will be crucial

This sounds like a no-brainer statement. 

Is it even an SEO trend that merits attention? 

Yes, it is! 

Brands will need to upgrade their data in 2023, from gathering to analytics to insights. Google Analytics and other analytics tool can provide SEO analytics for marketers, including:

  • Monitoring mobile traffic to collect information on engagement, bounce rates, and more
  • Tracking your website’s search engine to determine what consumers are searching for when they visit and whether there are any content or service gaps you could be filling
  • Determine which pages are doing best and which need improvement.

However, the sheer amount of data could be daunting at times. 

Thanks to solutions that automate data gathering and analysis, you won’t need to manually check your stats all the time. 

By using tools or technologies to automate SEO duties, your team can greatly simplify the campaign and concentrate on more distinctively human and creative activities.

7. The Prominence of featured snippets will increase

According to SEMRush sensor, 6% of SERPs are having featured snippets.

The main purpose of featured snippets is mobile optimization. This has been successful because a featured snippet now occupies 50% of a phone’s screen. 

Feature snippets have changed the game from the beginning. This is mostly because there are two feature snippets within the very first SERP. 

Featured snippets, however, quickly became confusing to users, who avoided interacting with them because they thought they were advertisements.

Featured snippets are still a vital component of SEO even if Google eliminated duplicate search results by using them in conjunction with the top search engine results. 

Ever since, Google has created four different kinds of featured snippets: lists, tables, paragraphs, and videos to respond to inquiries as effectively as possible.

Make sure you make use of any of the kinds of feature snippets.

8. A responsive and mobile-friendly website is crucial 

It only makes sense to optimize for mobile search in addition to voice search. 

By 2023 and beyond, more people are anticipated to conduct phone searches. 

Interested in your website’s mobile friendliness? 

Enter “Google Mobile-Friendly Tool” in the search box on Google. This will open a box in which you can input the URL of your website to have Google examine it.

Make sure your site was built with responsive coding and a framework so that it adapts its appearance based on the device being used to access it to boost its speed on mobile devices. 

Also, you should install caching, use a CDN and reduce your picture files to speed up the loading of your website. 

9. Core web vitals’

In 2023, among the Google ranking elements will be core web metrics.

It is a crucial element of the experience on the page. It now forms part of the ranking factors for your page, together with factors like Safe Surfing, HTTPS, Mobile Affability, and Intrusive Interstitial.

Core web vitals’ primary determinants are:

  • The largest contentful paint or L.C.P. which shows the duration it takes for the page’s bulkiest content to load.
  • First Input Delay or FID which shows the amount of time your website takes to reply to a user’s first interaction with it.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift or C.L.S., which shows the overall amount of layout modifications that take place during a website page.

10. Marketing with AI 

A recent study predicted that the artificial intelligence (AI) market for marketing would reach 15.84 billion dollars in 2021.

As per estimates,  the value will surpass 107.5 billion by 2028! 

Nowadays, one of the hottest issues in marketing is artificial intelligence. AI is incorporated into marketing initiatives in a variety of ways, including chatbots for customer support, email automation, or majorly for website personalization. 

11. Video Content

According to the video-creating software, wyzowl, 86% of companies utilise videos as a crucial marketing tool, 

As the data shows, this must now be a part of your marketing plan if you want to boost your SEO. Through videos, you may develop a compelling plot and build a close bond with your audience. 

They are seen as more interesting and admired by the audience. 

Online video consumers are predicted to reach 1.3 billion by 2024, according to a Statista analysis. They can readily comprehend knowledge through videos and prefer it to long-form content.

12. Better User Experience

UI/UX trends are here to stay and for all good reasons. 

Terming UX and SEO = Success

According to the NEA Survey, businesses that invested the most in user experience (UX) saw a 75% boost in sales and, respectively, an 88% rise in customer engagement and retention.

To comprehend the significance of UX/UI, Toptal Designers examined practical examples from the best design houses that handled B2B UX designs and redesigns. 

For instance, Virgin America had a 14% boost in conversion rates, a 20% drop in customer support calls, and a nearly two-fold increase in ticket booking speed after redesigning their website using user experience principles. 

And this is only one of many examples that demonstrate the importance of UX/UI validly.

In terms of SEO, user experience (UX) has always been crucial, and this trend will not change in 2023. 

This involves ensuring the website is simple to use, loads quickly and is responsive to mobile devices. Search engines employ indicators like page speed, churn rate, and click-through rate, among others, to assess how well a website’s user experience is.

13. Content Marketing

Yes, we all do agree that the content is king! 

People living overseas or near your time zone can find you best with your content.

One of the most popular content marketing examples is the Spotify-wrapped playlist.

With content marketing, the program DuoLingo, whose green owl mascot has generated attention amongst 4.5 million users.

The creation, publication, and distribution of material for a specific audience online are the main goals of the marketing strategy known as content marketing.

Blog articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, and other sorts of material can all be included in content marketing. 

Relationship building with potential customers, educating and informing consumers about goods and services, and encouraging conversions are all goals of content marketing.

 A comprehensive marketing plan can be developed by combining content marketing with other marketing techniques like SEO and advertising.

14. Give Importance to Social Signals

Did you know?

You’ll acquire more links when you diversify the social media sites where you distribute your material, especially those with great organic performance.

Now, “practically 100%” of manual actions are reported by Google. As a result, Google frequently imposes a discretionary penalty on a brand when you find a lot of unfavourable evaluations of it on social media networks.

A human at Google will examine a specific site that is gaining social signals and decide whether to impose a penalty against it with a manual review or action.

The manual inspection could be brought about by a spamming report from a third party or simply by Google’s routine monitoring.

For every search term used in this world, Wikipedia receives high rankings. 

Are they focusing on these keywords merely to achieve good rankings for them?

Instead, Wikipedia routinely posts excellent content that covers every angle of a topic, and its backlinks are amazing.

Be it a Virtual Assistant or an SEO specialist, you should take note of Wikipedia’s description of a successful SEO strategy.

15. Enhancement in predictive search

The Google autofill feature is frequently linked to predictive search. But these days, Google Discover, a platform that aims to bring articles and videos to mobile users, has far more to do with predictive search. 

Over 800 million individuals have used Google Discover so far, even though it is still a relatively young service.

With so many variables at play, and the algorithm still a secret to marketers, predictive search is expected to develop into more complex information distribution systems. 

Google Discover may also prove to be a useful tool for increasing website visitors.

16. Influencer SEO

Influencer marketing has integrated itself into SEO as it continues to solidify its place in everyone’s marketing toolkit. 

Researchers believe that this strategy is significantly less expensive than conventional marketing and significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to reach consumers because influencers already have a following that businesses can use.

Additionally, a lot of influencers are excellent at producing original content and making wonderful partners. However, businesses should take into account the nature of their business. 

  • Do they have social media success? 
  • Does this company have a website? 
  • If that’s so, are they regarded as an expert in their field? 

According to Orbit Media research from 2020, these considerations will ensure how an influencer can assist you with Seo techniques. 

17. Local SEO

Google will provide local businesses with additional support as there is a clear demand for more localized search results.

This means it’s time to concentrate on creating real, high-quality reviews for Google My Business as well as other review sites.

In recent months, national rather than international content and businesses have benefited from search results.

This indicates that Google aims to highlight outcomes for its users. For instance, in India, the results for the keyword “solar panels for home use” are different from those in the US.

This is because the websites that are popular in the US do not, at least not immediately, benefit Indians. However, while having more authority than its Indian equivalents, it does not place.

Although this is a major example, Google is also using location-based search results to alter search results at the micro level, in addition to the Map pack.

To ensure that Google doesn’t miss indexing your website higher, moving ahead, websites that intend to reach local audiences should contain the name of the city, region, or nation.

18. Lower frequency of crawls

Google recently established ambitious climate objectives, one of which is to run entirely on carbon-free electricity by 2023. 

Google has been exploring lowering the number of times it crawls websites to accomplish that goal.

One of the simplest adjustments Google can implement in support of its sustainability objectives is to reduce crawling, which helps conserve CPU resources.

Reduced crawl rates, however, are much more likely to affect refresh crawls than new content discovery crawls. In other words, it can take more time for Google to detect the new adjustments we make to our websites.

The best tactical move in 2023 will be to optimise your content from the start with on-page optimization to rank high.

19. Technical SEO

Your website isn’t going to be efficient in performance if it is lacking Technical SEO!

Technical SEO is a branch of SEO that deals with optimizations that raise your website’s rating by making it simpler for crawlers to access it. Here are some examples: speeding up website loading, validating robot.txt files, and ensuring redirection functions properly.

Websites that comply with search engine webmaster requirements, like Google, are prioritised. According to the fundamental rules, the information on your website should be precise, accessible, and user-friendly.

Technical SEO makes sure visitors and search engine crawlers can access your website. Google will have trouble indexing your website if it contains broken links or web pages that aren’t there. Then, your site will be seen lower in the search results.

Technical SEO may assist you in improving the technical aspects of your site to increase organic traffic, which is where it comes in.

20. The utilisation of Web apps

It has been noted that Progressive Web Applications (P.W.A.) can boost user engagement, You can use them to boost your SEO. P.W.A.s are essentially browser-driven web pages that behave like apps. Additionally, users receive the feeling of working with a separate application. Starbucks, Airbnb, Yummly, Housing.com, and Twitter are a few examples.

Google describes P.W.A as dependable, quick, and engaging user experiences because:

Even in suboptimal network situations, it loads quickly and performs effectively.

instantaneously reacts to user engagement with fluid animation

Bear an app’s appearance and feel.

21. Semantically related keywords will be given a higher priority

Semantically related keywords, sometimes known as “semantic keywords”, essentially aid Google in returning the most relevant results for a search. Semantically linked keywords, which were initially created to meet search intent, also enable search engines to choose the appropriate position for a results page. In this particular SEO strategy,

According to Barker’s research, websites must supplement their primary keywords with semantically relevant keywords. 

To put it simply, to guarantee the best search results, so-called “related keywords” and “secondary related keywords” must be utilised. 


It’s essential to stay updated on the most recent advances in SEO because the industry’s trends change frequently.

An emphasis on technical SEO, mobile-friendliness, local SEO, enhancing user experience, and various other things are what we can anticipate in 2023. 

The success of SEO will also depend on the use of content marketing, backlinks, and other digital marketing techniques. 

Keep up with the most recent SEO trends and make sure to implement them into your website to improve the success of your website in 2023.

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