SERP Feature Trends And Tips


To survive and win the battle to be the top listings of Search engines, it’s important for every business and industry to know the latest trends and features to be well-equipped every day.

In this article, we will tell you about the newly added features and trends that you can use to make a better SEO strategy, and we will also take a brief view of the tips you can follow. 

However, if you are still confused about what to do, you can seek help from an SEO company in Delhi. 

SERP Feature Trends And Tips For A Better SEO Strategy 

1. Graph Cards

Graph cards give quick information on various topics or events in a section format. This saves time as well as increases the contentment of Google users. The knowledge graph cards help you with the information both directly and indirectly. will help you to circulate your website or content across various Google knowledge cards.

2. Voice-Optimized Feature

One of the latest SERP trends is the voice-optimized feature where the mobile device searches will be more conversational and voice-related. 

This feature has been mainly added after seeing the growth with voice optimization in Google. Mobile devices that have only two to four lines as their description perform better in voice optimization.

3. Local (Business) Information 

You must have come across the feature where newly opened shops or cafes are uploaded to Google with their details. This feature has been widely used now to improve on-site as well as offline growth. 

Do not miss out on this feature. If you have a physical store, share it with google. Let people know about your office timings, available features and products, and how they can contact you for your service.

4. Improved Snippets

Google has added improved and better snippets for the search engine to save the time of readers and google users. To get your content description and URL in the snippets, your work has to be recognized by Google first, and then they will refer you to an ad with the snippet list for a search query result, and this will increase the traffic to your website.

5. Bookmarking Feature For Mobiles

Mobile users are highly using the “bookmarked content” when your content grows enormously, and users share it with their friends and family. 

Your content is considered to be bookmarked content. It also helps readers to comprehend your content better and boost the traffic to your main website.

6. Rich Cards

Google Rich Cards are often used with snippets. They have been recently added by Google to boost the use of snippets with the new format for results. 

Rich cards make the information more feasible to read and view, and you can also attract customers’ attention by increasing your ranking and thereby using good Rich cards.

SERP Tips 

  • Be active and post regularly on your website to build a connection with your potential customers.
  • Use the SERP trends and features to stay updated and well equipped with the search engines.
  • Contact SEO agencies that will greatly help you to boost traffic and leads on your website.


Every business needs to know about its requirements, audience, and the factors that will help them to grow. SERP trends and tips are important to every startup or digital marketer. Be patient and use every feature to increase the leads. If you face a grave issue, you can always contact the SEO company in Delhi.

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