What is SEO?

what is seo

What if we say, SEO is all what you need to grow your online business!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process that helps to enhance your website’s ranking on search engines. Many factors need to be optimized to rank at the top in SERPs, and SEO includes optimization of the same factors. There are three types of SEO: on-page, off-page and technical SEO. 

By optimizing the aspect of all these three types of SEO, you get enhanced visibility over the internet and will also be able to target specific audiences. In this blog, you will learn about the importance of SEO, types of SEO, and SEO’s comparison with PPC. So, let’s get started. 

Why Is SEO Important?

Search Engine Optimization is essential for various reasons, but ultimately, it is  about elevating your brand in the online world and increasing sales. So, here are the 3 benefits of SEO that make it Important. 

Increases visibility and organic traffic

SEO directly affects the online visibility of any website, and since businesses represent themselves online through their websites, it will increase their business’s online visibility. Moreover, with increased visibility, you can get more organic traffic, which is your business’s best type of traffic. 

Builds Credibility and Trustworthiness

SEO also help you to build authority online. Building Backlinks is an off-page SEO tactic that increases your website’s authority for Google if the quality of the backlinks is good. Similarly, there are many other on-page SEO factors and off-page SEO factors that lead to increasing your credibility and trustworthiness. 

Enhances User Experience

Factors like website speed directly affect the user experience as it is visible to the user, and the user can assess that. Technical SEO includes optimizing site speed, which makes the user experience good. Also, mobile SEO enhances the experience of users browsing the website with smartphones. 

Types of SEO

SEO have three types: on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and technical SEO. These three types of SEO can be differentiated by the factors or aspects that are optimized.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the optimization that is done with the elements that are present on the page. The on-page SEO factors also increase the website’s organic traffic. The on-page SEO checklist includes factors like Keyword research, meta title, meta description, content, interlinking and many more.

Moreover, one of the most important factors from this on-page SEO checklist is intent based keyword research. So, you must consider the user’s search intent while researching for the Keywords. 

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO deals with the enhancement of online presence by optimizing factors off the website. One of the most important off-page SEO factors is backlinks. Backlinks play a crucial role in increasing the credibility of the content and website, which eventually leads to higher ranking in search engine results. Other than backlinks, there are many other off-page SEO factors like social media marketing, online reputation management, etc. 

Technical SEO

You may be aware of crawlers that Google uses to go through the site map and content of any website. So, whenever there is a new page added to your website, the site map changes, and the crawler goes through the new content. However, it is important that your website gets visited many times so that crawlers get through your content more frequently. You can manage to do this with the help of technical SEO. Technical SEO includes the optimization of factors like website speed and mobile friendliness and also managing broken links, duplicate content and sitemaps at the same time. 

Besides these three types, SEO can also be differentiated based on their purpose. Below are some types of SEO that are done for a specific purpose. 

Types of SEO based on their purpose

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is used to optimize the website for mobiles. It has become very popular as today everyone mostly surfs the internet with their smartphone, so websites must be optimized for mobiles.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an SEO practice that optimizes the website’s visibility in a particular area or locality. It is best for those with small businesses that do their business in a specific area or have multiple physical branches where each deals in a particular locality. 

eCommerce SEO

As the name suggests, eCommerce SEO is to improve the visibility of an online business in search engine results. The important factors optimized in eCommerce SEO are product descriptions, pages, images, and site structure. 

Shopify SEO

Shopify is an eCommerce platform where business owners can list their products. The best thing about Shopify is that it offers many SEO settings within its platform. So, optimizing these settings is known as Shopify SEO

Magento SEO

Magento is another eCommerce platform that requires Magento SEO to rank higher. It needs to improve site speed and do the technical Magento SEO. 

WooCommerce SEO

There is a plugin for WordPress called WooCommerce, which helps to create eCommerce-specific WordPress-based Websites. Woocommerce SEO deals with optimizing the aspects of WooCommerce plugins. 


WordPress is one of the largest Content Management Systems in the world. A significant share of content available online today is published through WordPress. In WordPress SEO, the content is optimized to ensure its high ranking. 

Now let’s compare SEO with PPC, the most popular comparison in the world of Digital marketing. Let’s see how SEO is different from PPC. 


PPC stands for pay-per-click, which means that it’s a service which comes by paying an amount. However, SEO also comes by paying an amount to the best SEO company in Delhi, but you can do it yourself if you have the knowledge of SEO and save some money.

In PPC, you pay for reserving advertisement spots by bidding on keywords. So whenever someone searches for that keyword, you will appear on top, and if the user clicks on it, you will need to pay for the click.

On the other hand, SEO is a practice where you come on top by implementing trending keywords in your content and do other math as well. Thus, SEO takes more time compared to PPC. A common thing between these two is keyword research. 

If you do the wrong keyword, then a failure in SEO is apparent. And the same is the case with PPC. If you bid on keywords whose intent is different from your marketing content, then you will not get clicks, or it can also lead to a high click-through rate. 

However, if you go to the best SEO company in Delhi, they may offer you Search Engine Marketing or SEM. SEM includes both SEO and PPC to help your business thrive online. 

Final Words

In conclusion, SEO is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, and you must know about it if you want to see your business’ online growth. You can say that SEO makes the digital ground for your business, and without it, you may not be able to get the eyes of your intended customers on your brand. However, to create a good SEO strategy and its implementation, you should hire the best SEO company in Delhi or wherever you are.

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